Handcrafted to a TEE.

There are rules and you can play by them. There are protocols and you can stick to them.

There’s conventional wisdom and you can live it by it.

At SAXTEES we choose none of that beige. Because we are dreamers, we see better things. We are dedicated to different. We are story makers, risk-takers and adventure seekers.

We know humans aren’t robots. Humans aren’t machines. They don’t want mass-produced cookie-cutter clothes pumped out by computers, they want clothes that say something about them.

That’s how SAXTEES came to be, an independent, urban tee shirt label committed to unconventional.

Our founder, Sydney born SAX believes in originality not banality.

That’s why he’s reviving the lost art of hand drawn tee design. Each SAXTEE is hand-inked onto film acetate, then individually screen-printed in vibrant colour blocks using water based fabric paints.

With prints flaunting themes mashed from seventies retro, 2020 cool and a splash of Rick and Morty gone wrong.

The finished garment is a truly handcrafted tee, oozing SAX appeal that screams, I’m a squad leader, not a Kardashian sheep.



 Hand inking designs on acetate 


Sax Light Box

 Sax on the hunt for stray pin holes in the exposed Zombie Bear screen. 


Saxophone Print