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As a young grommet, my first Matchbox™ car was a vintage Mercedes Benz 300 SE replica and even at that tender young age I swore I'd own a real one when I grew up. Well, I'm yet to grow up, however when I was old enough and had some spare bankroll, I bought a white 1968 280SE 108W model and drove that stylin' whale around like a pimp for a few years until some amateur hack lost control of her Toyota shit-box at warp speed and wrecked two tonne of German steel on impact. Fortunately for me, her insurance financed a replacement in the form of a dark grey 1972 280S classic which again oozed hustle and swank until the floor eventually rusted through like the Flintstones, courtesy of beach salt air. My third thirsty Merc, a metallic blue 1978 280SE 116W with late 70's boxy style era features is the star of this SAX Tee. This design is hand inked from the series of photos I took when selling this beast to a dude who raced smash-up derby style at the speedway. He wanted something indestructible...

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