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Designer: SAXTEES


Fun fact:  While the humble match is credited as being a British invention, it was actually the sedulous Swede’s who pioneered the manufacturing criteria's in the mid 1800's that went on to dominate the global match industry for a time.

All whimsical nostalgia aside, it’s the design evolution of the matchbox label itself that lights my fire. From early hand engraved and stereo-typed press plates through to modern sheet-fed offset litho printing, matchbox artwork continues to blaze a distinct quality of style, charm and artistic integrity in global advertising, propaganda and world event formats.

This GODZILLA SAX Tee, the first in the safety match series, is our part advertising, part Americanized WWII fake news tribute to “King of the Monsters”

Long live Gojira (呉爾羅).


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